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We are an international Business Development company like no other, led by Simon Roberts and his team who have over 30 years experience within the nuclear industry. Our team has helped clients solve the toughest problems and tackle the biggest challenges that companies face today.

These are the sorts of hurdles that require the unique capabilities of our team of top calibre professionals – business experts, commercial negotiators and strategists.

Our approach recognises the need to balance commercial issues with the need to project your business forward. We work closely with key stakeholders, commercial partners, Government departments and environmental groups engaging them from a very early stage to ensure successful business conversion.

S4 Business Development has earned an invaluable reputation for fresh thinking and business development which has led to increased market share for our clients. With our growing U.K. and international client base, our success is based upon our ability to adapt and deliver solutions.


Simon Roberts and his team at S4 have a wealth of experience and have been involved in – Fuel Enrichment, underground storage of fissile material, decommissioning in the UK and the rest of Europe and America, nuclear new build in Europe, electricity generation and commercial negotiations at the highest levels.

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These experiences have helped us successfully provide support to the industry along with the support of the Nuclear Institute, of which Simon Roberts is a member.

Our Services

We will help you with your business development by identifying opportunities within new markets through a comprehensive network of international business links. We will give an independent assessment of your business to challenge the way things are done and help you implement changes.

At S4 we can undertake commercial negotiations, assist with major acquisitions and establish framework contracts. We help our clients with business planning and company representation and we are able to establish key partners which will develop your business and project it forward. We can liaise with Government bodies to help your organisation raise funds for development.

S4 Sector Experience 

Nuclear and non-nuclear

Recycling Presentation - Lessons - Tes Teach

Pioneered recycling routes for both metals and concrete from the nuclear industry for re-use within the nuclear sector. We are delighted to be leading the business development for Energy Solutions Products and Technology Group across Europe.


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Provided architectural support to MerePark for major office accommodation in West Cumbria and support to the Lewis’s building refurbishment project in Liverpool. We have designed and built some of the most prestigious houses in Cheshire.



We established one of America’s leading packaging companies in the UK for John Evanko owner of MHFLS providing packaging which sits across all of the nuclear industry.

Logistics – International Shipping and Road Transportation

The Atlantic Conveyor #Falklands30 - Think Defence

Established the infrastructure for the transportation and delivery network for the transportation for nuclear and non-nuclear materials, this includes road, rail and sea.

Waste Management and Waste Minimisation

Radioactive waste could be buried under Lake District | News | The ...

We have provided expertise drawn from our 35 years of knowledge within the nuclear industry and we have supported Sellafield Ltd in the characterisation, waste hierarchy looking for innovative ways of dealing with various waste streams.

Electricity Generation

UK electricity generation falls to lowest level since 1994 | Transform

We  have gained a wealth of experience in the establishing of electrical supply companies and brokered electrical supply contracts for nuclear, non-nuclear and renewable.

Renewable Energy

Congestion and losses: more than a blocked nose for new renewable ...

We have supported some of the leading companies in the UK and the rest of Europe in helping the development of various projects that supply renewable electricity into the national grid, this would include wind, solar, anaerobic digestion, biomass and hydro.  We have also brokered the purchase of assets and the sale of assets for this sector.

Recreation and Leisure

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We have supported Copeland County Council with its initiative for sports facilities in Haverigg.


Making the most of meetings to ensure productivity | Energy Resourcing

We lead various acquisitions for strategic leverage for companies who want to gain a share of various markets within the UK and the rest of Europe. We can liaise with Government bodies to help your organisation raise funds for development.

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S4 News

S4 Launches New Website

S4 Business Development launched their new website recently.  Along with this launch, we celebrate nearly two decades of providing core business development services to UK, European and American business sectors. To learn more about our services, click here.

S4 Provides Energy Solutions Scope

S4bd was awarded a contract by Energy Solutions President for Europe and Asia (Colin Boardman) to lead its Products and Technology business in the UK and other parts of Europe. We successfully built a vast portfolio of opportunities worth several hundreds of millions of pounds for Nuclear and non-nuclear business and these included irradiated fuel transportation. …

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